Top 5 mistakes in cooking olivier

Top 5 Mistakes in Cooking Olivier

Olivier is a symbol of the Russian New Year's table. But not everyone knows how to properly prepare this salad so that it embodies all the traditions of Russian cuisine. The Very Delicious team studied the history of the salad and advises you not to make 5 mistakes when preparing the classic Olivier.

Mistake # 1. Add only mayonnaise to salad

The hustle and bustle of modern life makes us choose the most convenient and fastest ways of cooking. It is very convenient to buy mayonnaise and add it to the salad. But if you want to get a delicious classic olivier, then make mayonnaise yourself with a mixer. You will need a few ingredients - eggs, vegetable oil, mustard, salt, sugar and lemon juice. Mayonnaise will turn out not only tasty and tender, but also useful! But it is worth considering that it is stored only a few days (as without preservatives), so prepare it the day before.

You can also add not only mayonnaise to the salad, but also low-fat sour cream or natural yogurt. Then the salad will turn out very tender and thick.

It is important to season the salad before serving, as unnecessary liquid may form.

Mistake number 2. Add sausage to olivier

Many of us will say that even the grandmother added sausage in Olivier. We hasten to upset you - the original is prepared with meat, and not with sausage, even a doctor’s. You can use any meat - beef, chicken, boiled tongue, even crab meat.

According to some initial data, grouse was added to the first olivier. But, unfortunately, today it is difficult to find them, so we restrict ourselves to meat.

Mistake # 3. Add a lot of potatoes

Remember, Olivier is not a potato salad, but a meat one! Therefore, a lot of potatoes do not need to be added. It itself has a fairly pronounced taste, and you can get a potato dish with meat and vegetable additives. In addition, potatoes absorb a lot of sauce, so you have to add more dressing.

Before the revolution, Olivier salad was prepared in layers and 2 thin (!) Layers of potatoes were made. Then the salad underwent changes and people began to simply mix the ingredients. In Soviet times, they added a lot of potatoes just because there was a shortage of other products or they were very expensive.

Mistake number 4. Add canned peas

Today, shops offer us a wide range of green peas. If before people had no choice whether to add canned green peas to olivier or not, today it is. The original classic Olivier is cooked with plain green peas. In addition, canned has a sweet taste and interrupts other ingredients. Take a pack of frozen green peas, let cool and add to the salad.

Error No. 5. Add a lot of eggs

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that eggs are placed in olivier to add tenderness to the salad. But just not to feel their taste! Therefore, do not balance the number of potatoes, carrots and eggs. Better add half the eggs. Believe me, then the salad will become really light and tender.

Follow the tips “Very tasty”, and then you can taste the delicious taste of the delicate original Olivier!

After the salad is ready and the Christmas menu has been drawn up, sit down for a minute, and be sure to follow 15 points that will lead you to a new and happy year.

With love and care for you and your family.

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