Unusually delicious "greek" salad


Unusually delicious

I want to tell you the recipe for my favorite “Greek” home-made salad, which is tastier than the restaurant ones. The secret here is in a special dressing that gives it a delicious taste and aroma. And how much good is in it! I also call it a miracle salad: it helped me lose weight. How nice: eat delicious and lose weight. You can eat it with confidence for dinner, even at night - and not worry. This salad is very easy and simple to prepare. I will write everything in detail so that even a beginner in cooking can cope with it. In addition, I will share a lean version of the recipe for homemade "Greek" salad.


  • cucumbers - 200 grams;
  • feta cheese - 150 grams (during fasting or for vegetarians can be replaced with tofu cheese);
  • pitted olives - 10-12 pieces;
  • tomatoes - 200 grams;
  • lettuce - 3-4 pieces;
  • bell pepper - 150 grams.


  • lemon juice - 2 tablespoons (or balsamic vinegar);
  • olive oil - 4 tablespoons;
  • dry herbs of basil, rosemary, oregano - 0.3 teaspoon each;
  • salt, pepper - a pinch (to taste).

"Greek salad. Step by step recipe

  1. Wash and dry the vegetables well, cut into large enough cubes, approximately 1.5x1.5 or 2x2 centimeters.
  2. Put everything in a bowl, add pitted olives (the liquid from the olives must be drained in advance) and mix well.
  3. Cut feta cheese into such sizes as vegetables. But, since it is soft enough, we will not add to vegetables and mix, otherwise it will simply creep. It will need to be laid out on top of the salad - but more on that later.
  4. If you fast or don’t eat animal products, you can replace feta cheese with tofu in “Greek” salad. But in this case it will be necessary to marinate it for 20-30 minutes in our dressing or soy sauce with herbs. When using soy sauce for pickling, take 4 tablespoons of it, mix with our herbs, taking them with a small pinch. In a separate bowl, put the tofu and pour the sauce, leave to marinate for about half an hour at room temperature.
  5. To prepare dressing, mix lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. It is very interesting to taste if lemon juice is replaced with balsamic vinegar.
  6. Add to the seasoning 0.3 parts of a teaspoon of dried herbs of basil and rosemary, oregano is a little less. If you have fresh herbs, the salad will be even tastier. In this case, finely crush them and add to the dressing: the seasoning will get a very nice green color.
  7. Stir the sauce well and leave for 10-15 minutes to insist.
  8. Put the salad on the dish in the following order: washed lettuce, chopped vegetables with olives on top, then pieces of cheese. Salt, season with ground pepper. I really like to use a mixture of peppers: it is more fragrant.
  9. Top “Greek” salad with seasoning - and you can serve. Before you add the dressing to the salad, you need to shake it well, as the lemon juice goes down and the olive oil rises.
  10. I did not add onions to this version of the “Greek” salad. But if you wish, then you can. Cut into thin half rings, pour boiling water for 5 minutes, drain the water. It turns out very tasty if you marinate the onion in a dressing for 20 minutes.

The “Greek” salad is much tastier and healthier than freshly prepared, so you should not cook it, taking into account that there is also the next meal left. It is done very quickly and simply: and you will not spend much time preparing it. But refueling can be done in advance in sufficient quantities, and stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Pour the seasoning into a glass jar and close the lid.

Homemade "Greek" salad is ready! It turned out delicious delicious, juicy, fresh, and the herbs gave a divine spicy aroma. Eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It not only helps to get rid of excess weight, but also restores strength during spring vitamin deficiency. Bon appetit with “I like to cook”! And try to cook a salad with fried potatoes and an amateur salad with beets, gherkins and other vegetables.

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