Very fast eggplant appetizer

Very fast eggplant appetizer

Today I want to bring to your attention one wonderful seasonal dish: a very quick eggplant appetizer. The recipe for this dish I got from my mother, she, in turn, read it in some kind of gardening journal. When I first tried it, I realized that I want to cook it more than once. And so it happened. I began to cook it for the whole family every year in the eggplant season. It turns out especially tasty if all the vegetables are plucked from the garden: then they are doubly aromatic and tastier. Be sure to take note of the recipe and cook with me.


  • fresh eggplant - 6 medium pieces;
  • fresh tomatoes - 8 medium pieces;
  • garlic - 3-4 heads;
  • salt - two teaspoons (with a slide);
  • vegetable oil - 50 milliliters;
  • hot pepper optional;
  • other spices, herbs - to taste.

Very fast eggplant appetizer. Step by step recipe

  1. The first thing to start with is to wash all the vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes. If you have tomatoes of different sizes and varieties, do not worry: this will not affect the taste of the dish at all. We will prepare vegetables in turn for subsequent work.
  2. First, start with the eggplant. Cut the ends of the eggplant on both sides. On the side of the stalk, retreat for convenience by 1-1.5 centimeters. Then the eggplant must be cut into two more or less even parts. Transfer them to a bowl. We will return to them a little later.
  3. Let's get down to the tomatoes. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes. First, I cut the tomato into two halves. Then cut each half into 2-3 slices, and then cut into cubes. Also, if desired, you can peel the tomato from the skin. But I do not. After all, the recipe is very simple and lazy, so I want everything to be as quick and simple as possible.
  4. If you like eggplant more spicy - then take not three, but four heads of garlic. It must be cleaned. If your garlic cloves are medium or small, then cut each clove in half. But if you have large heads of garlic with large cloves, then cut each clove into 3-4 parts. Transfer the garlic into a bowl and add two teaspoons of salt (with a slide). Mix everything thoroughly.
  5. Now you need to prepare a deep pan with a wide bottom, where we will spread our eggplant halves in an upright position.
  6. We take eggplant and with the help of a sharp knife blade we make deep, to the very end, longitudinal cuts. Make them 3-4 in each eggplant. Do this with all the vegetables and put in a bowl.
  7. Now we stuff all the eggplant with garlic and salt. In each hole, you can stick a few pieces of a clove of garlic.
  8. Alternatively, you can stuff eggplants not only with garlic. You can also add piquant and pungent hot red pepper or garlic and salt, you can add your other favorite herbs or spices.
  9. Now cook the prepared eggplant tightly in the pan. You don’t need to pour anything to the bottom.
  10. Put tomatoes on top of the eggplant. We level everything on top with a spoon so that the tomatoes fill all the voids between the eggplants, and also completely cover their top.
  11. Cover the pan with a lid. We put on the stove. On medium heat, warm the tomatoes with eggplant for about twenty minutes. Tomatoes should settle and let the juice go.
  12. After twenty minutes, we lift the lid and try our sauce. Determine to your taste what spices are missing. We can also add salt, sugar, pepper, other spices or chopped herbs at this stage.
  13. Pour 50 milliliters of vegetable oil. We cover the pan with a lid and keep it on low heat for about twenty minutes.
  14. Then, opening the lid, we check for readiness. Using a knife, pierce the eggplant along the entire length. If they are soft - then everything is ready. If still a little harsh - hold it under the lid for another 5-10 minutes and then check again again.
  15. After we turn off the fire, let it cool completely and remove for a day in the refrigerator. During this time, the eggplant should be well cooled and infused. Our wonderful dish is ready.

Serve them as follows. Cut each slice into rings 2-3 cm thick. Put the tomatoes on top. Pour over a delicious vegetable sauce. Such a funky and simple cold appetizer will appeal to all blue lovers. Be sure to cook: you definitely will not regret it. The team of the site “Very Delicious” wishes you a pleasant appetite!

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