Very soft homemade potato pies

Very soft homemade potato pies

I want to offer you another wonderful recipe: very soft homemade pies with potatoes. Pies are prepared very quickly and very easily; they turn out to be unrealistically delicious and satisfying. The filling for pies can be absolutely any, to your taste. And the secret of unusually tasty, tender and magnificent dough is in its preparation: it is mixed with potato broth. Thanks to this, homemade pies turn out to be very soft, directly melt in the mouth.


  • potato broth - 200 milliliters;
  • dry yeast - 1 teaspoon;
  • sugar - 1 tablespoon;
  • salt - 1 teaspoon;
  • flour - 2.5 cups (325 grams);
  • potatoes - 3-4 pieces;
  • onion - 2 pieces;
  • pepper;
  • greens - 1 pinch.

Very soft homemade pies with potatoes. Step by step recipe

  1. First of all, take the potatoes, wash, peel, cut into four parts.
  2. We transfer the potatoes to the pan, fill with water and put on the stove so that the potatoes are cooked. When the potatoes boil, you need to remove the foam from it, and make the fire quieter - and immediately add salt to make the potato tasty!
  3. Then we take the pan, put it on the fire, pour the sunflower oil into it and wait for the pan to warm up.
  4. While the pan is heating, peel the onions and finely chop. After chopped the onion, send it to the pan, sprinkle with pepper and make the fire quieter.

Tip. Pepper in the onion must be put necessarily, then it will turn out tastier.

    1. Fry the onion until golden brown.
    2. When the onion is fried, we put it in a separate bowl and set to cool.
    3. Meanwhile, the potatoes have already been cooked. We drain the water in which our potatoes were boiled: but we do not pour it - we will still need it.
    4. We take the pusher and push our potatoes to the consistency of mashed potatoes. The potato should turn out to be dry, but we add neither water nor oil.
    5. Add our golden onion to the crushed potatoes and mix thoroughly. We send there a little black pepper and a pinch of green dill.
    6. Now we take 200 milliliters of potato broth: it should not be hot, but should be warm.
    7. We will need a deep bowl: in it we will knead our dough.
    • Pour the potato broth into a bowl and add one teaspoon of dried yeast, a tablespoon of sugar there and mix everything well.
    • Then add one teaspoon of salt there, then you can safely add flour (we need 325 grams) and knead everything thoroughly. We should get such a sticky dough: immediately cover it with cling film and leave the dough for 20 minutes.
    1. After 20 minutes, the dough became soft and elastic. We take 2 tablespoons of flour, pour it on the table and level it on the surface. Put the dough on the flour and knead it for 5-7 minutes: after kneading, the dough should not stick to your hands.

    Tip. So that the dough does not stick to your hands, they need to be greased with sunflower oil.

    1. We divide the mixed dough into 2 equal halves, roll out the sausages from the halves. We cut each into small pieces (medium size).
    2. We take one piece and stretch it with our fingers.

    Tip. The edges should be thinner than the middle so that the filling does not tear the dough.

    1. We take one spoonful of the filling and put it on the dough, pinch the edges and we get a pie. So do with all the other blanks, then we will fry.
    2. We put the pan on the stove, pour the sunflower oil, and fry the pies on low heat, on both sides, until golden brown.

    So we made homemade pies: they turned out to be very soft and unrealistically delicious. Their aroma will not leave indifferent even the neighbors who hear this wonderful aroma. Bon appetit, cook with pleasure and a great mood! The site "I love to cook" is pleased to present to you many more recipes for a variety of homemade cakes.

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