Whip up delicious khachapuri


Whip up delicious khachapuri

Sometimes at home, instead of bread, I cook tortillas with cheese, which are perfectly combined with the first dishes - these are delicious hachapuri in a hurry. The finest dough, the most delicate, with melted cheese and fragrant greens filling - a wonderful dish of Caucasian cuisine. In addition, khachapuri are prepared very quickly.


For the test:

  • whole wheat flour - 300 grams;
  • butter - 30 grams;
  • granulated sugar - 2 teaspoons;
  • soda - 0.5 teaspoon;
  • yogurt or yogurt - 250 milliliters;
  • salt - 1 teaspoon.

For filling:

  • "Mozzarella" - 200 grams;
  • "Suluguni" - 200 grams;
  • or Imeretinsky cheese - 400 grams;
  • parsley to taste.

Very tasty khachapuri whip up. Step by step recipe

  1. When kneading dough for flat cakes, yogurt is used: but it can be replaced with yogurt or mixed in equal proportions kefir with sour cream.
  2. Cooking the dough. Pour yogurt into a deep bowl, pour granulated sugar and soda into it. (It is not necessary to extinguish it with vinegar, since it will react with the fermented milk product). Salt a little bit. All components are mixed well so that they dissolve in yogurt.
  3. We sift the wheat flour (it is better to use whole grains), make a small hill, and in it there is a depression, where we pour the liquid components of the dough for khachapuri.
  4. Knead a homogeneous, elastic dough. We cover it and leave it to "rest".
  5. We proceed to the preparation of the filling. In the original recipe for the filling, Imereti cheese is used. But since it is very difficult to find, it can be replaced with other types of cheeses that melt well. So, we rub the mozzarella and suluguni cheeses on a grater with large holes, and add finely chopped parsley. For the filling of cheese khachapuri with herbs, you can use parsley, dill or other greens you like. Round each piece and roll it thinly.
  6. In the middle of each circle of dough, lay out about one hundred grams of the filling.
  7. Gently pinch the edges, collecting them to the middle. Then, adding flour to the surface of the table or board, we roll out our cheese cakes, like khachapuri, into a thin layer.
  8. Fry lazy cheese cakes in a dry hot skillet. But the surface of the pan should be with a special coating that does not burn.
  9. Fry until light brown, on moderate heat: approximately two minutes on each side.
  10. Top grease cakes with butter. When frying, the dough will swell a little: it can be pierced with a knife.
  11. There is another way to cook Georgian cakes a la khachapuri. For them, you need to take a thin pita bread and grease it with the filling.
  12. For the filling, you need to chop a lot of green cilantro, dill, parsley and mix with fat sour milk cheese. I like goat cheese: it has a pungent flavor. Cottage cheese should be thoroughly knead with a fork, salt well and season with hot black pepper. Then mix with herbs, wrap in pita bread and fry in butter until crisp.

Serve home-made khachapuri with cheese and herbs should be hot, while the cheese in the filling stretches. Although chilled, they are no less tasty. Cook with our site “Delicious”: and all your pastries will be simply unsurpassed.

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