Hot red borsch

Hot red borsch

The classic red borsch, the recipe of which contains a full set of vegetables, originates from the cuisine of Slavic peoples. Its composition varies slightly, focused on the peculiarities of local tastes and consumed vegetables.

To learn how to cook red borsch, it is better to take a recipe from Ukrainian cuisine, since it is universal. The option with grated lard makes not only a spicy note, but also a rich rich aroma.

How to cook red borsch?

When choosing one of the recipes, you should decide how sharp it should be. Initially, red borsch has a sweet-sour taste palette. At the Eastern Slavs, it is prepared without making spicy spices; sour cream or butter is added to give a milky tint.

We will figure out how best to cook red borsch, the recipe of which provides for sharp additives. Most chefs are inclined to this option:

  1. A rich broth is being prepared. For this you need 0.5 kg of lean meat, cooked for about three hours.
  2. During boiling, horseradish leaves and dill umbrellas are added. Thus, a rich aroma of spices is obtained.
  3. We put the vegetables in the sequence of beets-carrots-cabbage-onions-garlic.
  4. Salt and flavoring should be added at the end.
  5. Red pepper slices and black loose are added before serving.

Cooking red borsch requires time calculation. Vegetables are placed in a certain order, because in this way they achieve maximum readiness, absorbing each other's aroma.

Features cooking red borsch

Having decided to cook red borsch, the recipe of which consists of vegetables and meat share, it is necessary to make an adjustment for the density and richness. To achieve maximum broth fat, in the classic version, in addition to beef, chicken drumsticks or bones were added.

The broth will be transparent and tasty if you cook it over low heat. With strong boiling, the protein coagulates without dissolving completely, creating a cloudy color.

A delicious red borsch is obtained with a combination of sour vinegar and sweet vegetables (poppy seeds, beets). In modern options add potatoes and tomatoes instead of vinegar. In this case, the aromatic range is complemented by starchy fat, and sourness has a more sophisticated flavor.

Looking at red borsch, you can pay attention to cutting vegetables. The recommended method is cubes or straws.

Tips for making delicious red borsch

There are a couple of tricks on how to cook a delicious red borsch of an exemplary option:

  1. To increase the density, you can add a glass of beans. It must be soaked a day before cooking to get water.
  2. You can make a more aromatic flavor with the help of grated old bacon with garlic (2x1 ratio). Add the aromatic component at the very end, 20 minutes before removing from heat.
  3. When preparing a classic red borsch, the recipe should be adjusted to the sweetness of vegetables. If they have insufficient sugar flavor, you need to add a teaspoon of sugar.
  4. If the meat is sinewy and middle-aged, put the whole onion in a hot borsch. You will get a clean taste without additional aroma.
  5. In the Bulgarian version of red borsch, pickled beets are used. She gives more carotene and already has sourness. With this option, vinegar is not added.

There are a lot of options for delicious preparation of a hot dish. Armed with basic components and consistency, the hostess is able to compose her own author's recipe. "I love to cook" wishes you bon appetit! And be sure to try the borsch in the slow cooker and Lithuanian borsch.

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