Quick mushroom soup


Quick mushroom soup

Dedicated to all mushroom lovers: I want to tell you a recipe for a very tasty and quick soup with mashed mushrooms. Such a light mushroom soup should be in the arsenal of any housewife. After all, you can’t feed a family with mushrooms, and thanks to this recipe, you can effortlessly prepare the most delicious mashed soup and feed all members of your family. And if you fry crackers to it, it will be even tastier.


  • champignon mushrooms - 300 - 400 grams;
  • butter - one teaspoon;
  • vegetable oil - 1-2 tablespoons;
  • wheat flour - 2-3 tablespoons;
  • cream (fat content of 20%) - 150-200 milliliters;
  • garlic - 2 cloves;
  • water - 1.5 liters;
  • fresh dill - a small bunch;
  • ground black pepper, salt to taste.

Quick soup with mushrooms. Step by step recipe

  1. To prepare this mushroom soup puree, we need to cut the mushrooms into thin slices (slices).
  2. Tip: when buying mushrooms, choose fresh white champignons, resilient, with light sections on the leg and not windward. Such mushrooms are especially delicious.
  3. We put the pan with a thick bottom on the fire, pour two tablespoons of vegetable oil into it, add one teaspoon of butter and heat until the butter melts.
  4. Pour finely chopped champignons into the heated oil and fry them a little. We do not cover the pan with a lid.
  5. We rub two cloves of garlic on a fine grater (or very finely chop with a knife).
  6. When the mushrooms started the juice, we send chopped aromatic garlic to them and mix everything well.
  7. Continue to fry until almost all of the mushroom juice has evaporated.
  8. Then add two tablespoons (with a hill) of wheat flour and fry them together for several minutes.
  9. Pour boiled water (about 1.5 liters) into a pan with mushrooms and mix well. If desired, chicken broth can be used instead of water.
  10. Bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes.
  11. Then remove the pan from the heat (the soup should have thickened a little by this time) and pour the cream into it a little. Mix well.
  12. Important! Cream should be introduced into a non-boiling soup, since if you pour the cream into a boiling soup, they can curl up and the dish will be spoiled.
  13. Now put the pan back on the fire, and cook another creamy mushroom soup for 5 minutes.
  14. Then add black ground pepper and salt to your liking.
  15. Remove from heat and pour into plates.
  16. Add a little fresh chopped dill to each plate.

The result was a delicious and light mushroom mushroom soup with champignons. This soup can be served for lunch or dinner. If desired, the soup can be decorated with fried crackers and grated cheese: that's exactly what my family loves. The team of the site “I Love Cooking” wishes you a pleasant appetite.

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