The most delicious soup "shurpa"

The most delicious soup

The most delicious “Shurpa” beef soup is an excellent option for the first course at lunch. Incredibly tasty, seductively appetizing and satisfying soup will pleasantly surprise you with its taste. Delicate garlic aroma adds spicy notes to the dish. “Shurpa” hovers on the table, driving crazy with its aroma ... The most delicious homemade soup with Chili pepper is quickly and easily cooked - even novice cooks can do it. And the result will exceed all your expectations - believe me. I recommend making this dish!


  • onions (large size) - 1 piece;
  • ground black pepper to taste;
  • salt;
  • fresh green cilantro;
  • vegetable oil - 2-3 tablespoons;
  • beef (pulp or ribs) - 600 grams;
  • tomatoes - 4-5 pieces;
  • bell pepper - 3 pieces;
  • chili pepper - 0.5 pieces;
  • garlic - 3-4 cloves;
  • eggplant - 4 pieces;
  • carrots (large size) - 2 pieces.

The most delicious Shurpa soup. Step by step recipe

  1. To prepare the most delicious soup, we need four eggplants. My eggplant and peel.
  2. Cut peeled eggplant into thin long strips.
  3. Add chopped eggplant and leave for 20 minutes. Thus, all the bitterness from the eggplant will go away.
  4. Now let's cook meat for Shurpa soup. Cut the beef flesh into slices of about 3 * 5 centimeters and cut the ribs, including.
  5. Tip: it’s good to use fresh meat for soup, but frozen will do the trick too. Do not spare the meat for the soup, because if there is not enough meat, the soup will not be rich. This will not affect the taste of the dish very well.
  6. For soup, we need a large pan of five liters.
  7. Pour vegetable oil into the prepared pan and send to the stove to warm up.
  8. In hot oil we send pieces of meat, a little salt and pepper.
  9. When the meat is fried on one side, turn it over to the other side, cover the pan with a lid and simmer for 20 minutes over low heat (this will make Shurpa soup especially tasty).
  10. We clean fresh carrots, wash them well and cut them into small cubes. Sliced ​​carrots are transferred to a separate container.
  11. One onion (if you have a small onion - take two onions), peel, wash and cut into half rings. Sliced ​​onions are sent to the container for carrots.
  12. Wash fresh tomatoes, make a cross-shaped incision on them and send them to a separate deep dish.
  13. Then fill the tomatoes with boiling water and leave in water for a couple of minutes (then the peel from the tomatoes can be removed easily and simply).
  14. We cut the eggplants in the same way as carrots - in cubes.
  15. In the saucepan, add the onions and carrots to the meat, mix well, cover and continue to simmer.
  16. Sweet bell pepper cut into cubes.
  17. Tip: it is very good to use red meaty bell pepper.
  18. Then we drain the water from the tomatoes and leave them to cool.
  19. From the cooled tomato, remove the skin and cut into small cubes.
  20. When carrots and onions are well stewed in meat broth, we send eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes to them in a pan.
  21. We cover the pan with a lid and leave: let the whole contents of the pan stew well.
  22. Hot chili peppers (if you are a fan of spicy food, you can add a little more pepper), cut very finely.
  23. Cut the garlic (according to the recipe) into small pieces with a knife.
  24. When the broth in the pan covers all the vegetables, add some boiled water to the soup, and mix everything well.
  25. In the pan with the most delicious soup, transfer the prepared Chili pepper, salt the soup to taste, and again mix everything well.
  26. Add the garlic 15 minutes before the soup is ready.
  27. Fresh green cilantro is washed and finely chopped.
  28. Remove the finished soup from the stove, add the chopped green cilantro, and leave the delicious soup to brew under a closed lid: 10-15 minutes.

This delicious soup is best served hot. Deliciously delicious eggplant soup will appeal to all your family members. The team of the site “Very tasty” wishes you a pleasant appetite - and delicious dishes on the table.

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